There’s A Light

In the velvet darkness,
of the blackest night,
burning bright,
there’s a guiding star,
no matter what or who you are.

there’s a light (over at the Frankenstein place)
there’s a light (burning in the fireplace)
there’s a light, light, in the darkness of everybody’s life.

The darkness must go
down the river
of night’s dreaming
Flow morphia slow,
let the sun and light come streaming,
into my life
into my life

There’s a light…

chorus:Over at the Frankenstien place

There’s a light
burning in the fireplace
there’s a light…a light

in the darkness of everybody’s life

I can see the flag fly
I can see the rain
Just the same there has got to be,
something better here for you and me.

(Lyrics Richard O’brian)