i’M yOuR pUpPeT

pUll ThE sTrInG aNd I’ll WiNk At YoU, i’M yOuR pUpPeT
I’ll Do FuNnY tHiNgS iF yOu WaNt Me To,I’m YoUr PuPpEt

PuLl AnOtHeR sTrInG aNd I’lL kIsS yOuR lIpS, i’M yOuR pUpPeT
sNaP yOuR fInGeR aNd I’lL tUrN sOmE fLiPs, I’m YoUr PuPpEt

I’m JuSt A tOy, JuSt A fUnNy Boy
tHaT mAkEs YoU lAuGh WhEn YoU’rE bLuE …

Today I photographed my new find, A hypnotic blue eyed beauty, half Spanish half Italian, NICOLAS , a 19 year old Aires, a very serious music conservatory student. Percussion and drums are his major, karate and kickboxing his hobbies…
Full of piercings and tattoos, the various small black circle spots on his shoulders, arms and legs are actually small tattoos symbolizing where the puppet’s strings would be attached … he’s a

wAlKiNg, TaLkInG, lIvInG, lOvInG pUpPeT

I’m Your Puppet
written by Lindon Oldham and Dan Pennington