Tonight i attended the opening of the photo exhibit ‘Extreme Beauty’, yes there were beautiful photos by Steven Klein & Steven Meisel, of beautiful young models, executed with loving care in post production with computer manipulation but the real stars of the exhibition are the classic masterpieces shot in analog by such great as HELMUT NEWTON, IRVING PENN and RICHARD AVEDON. GOOSEBUMPS! There is a portrait of VERUSCHKA in black & white film calmly bent in a contortionist yoga position wearing Giorgio Sant Angelo seeming so natural, with a sexual allure just oozing out of this photo by Richard Avedon. I can not get this image out of my mind. EXTREME case of GOOSEBUMPS! As soon as i come across this image on line i will place it on my blog… VERUSCHKA, an Extreme Beauty and AVEDON an Extreme Genius.